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      2020年09月06日 Shandong Leahou Light Industrial of New Material Co., Ltd Welcome!


      About us

        Shandong Leahou Light Industrial of New Material Co., Ltd business is mainly for leather chemicals: beamhouse products, syntans, fatliquors, acrylic resins, series finishing products etc, and provide technic service for the tannery.



      president and secretary of Light Industry Science 2019-01-21

          Recently,president and secretary of Light Industry Science and Engineering Academy of Qilu University of Technology visit our company.

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      Our company organizes the training of Building Exc2019-01-18

      Three-point strategy and seven-point execution,the deployment of enterprise strategy to the realization of strategic objecti[Click for details]

      Company participated in the eleventh Asia Internat2018-10-19
          The 11th Asian International Conference on Leather Science and Technology was held in Xi'an from 16 to 19. The conference has become an important conference for tech[Click for details]
      The company and Shanxi University launched a compr2018-09-28
            In order to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and the level of science and technology, in the increasingly fierce market competition to obtain l[Click for details]

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      LEATAN R10
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      LEATAN R11
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      LEATAN R12
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